Always the best climate for
Zehnder Group: always listening to the needs of our customers in order to develop together and overcome every challenge.
Always the best climate for
Zehnder Group: great products and a personal service help promote an energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable indoor climate.
Always the best climate for an
Zehnder Group: every day we combine passion, technical expertise and commitment to achieve the best performance for you.
Always the best climate for
Zehnder Group: indoor climate and quality of life bespoke to you – the first choice for a comfortable home.
Always the best climate for
Zehnder Group: the first choice for an indoor climate that not only maintains your health, but also enhances it.
Always the best climate for
Zehnder Group: for responsible heating and cooling with renewable energy sources and ideal heat recovery performance.

About us

Group Overview

  • Zehnder Group provides everything you need to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.
  • Zehnder Group develops, produces and markets radiators and ventilation systems.
  • Products and systems are sold under various popular brand names.
  • Zehnder Group is among the market leaders in its segments.
  • Its principal sales region is Europe. The Europe segment is made up of a total of 34 production, sales and management companies in 13 European countries. The largest sites are located in Germany, France, the UK and Switzerland.
  • In addition, Zehnder Group operates in China and North America. The China & North America segment is made up of a total of 8 production, sales and management companies in China and the USA.
  • Its products are manufactured in modern factories in Europe and worldwide.
  • Zehnder Group employs approximately 3,200 people worldwide.

Our business areas and product lines

The vast and clearly structured product range of Zehnder Group offers the right product, system or service for a variety of projects. From new builds to renovations, from detached homes to commercial and industrial premises.

Our activities are divided into the radiator and ventilation business areas.

Zehnder Zmart

Zehnder Zmart

Zehnder Group offers a wide range of heating and cooling solutions from decorative radiators to radiant ceiling panels and comfortable cooling ceiling systems.

Zehnder ComfoAir Q

Zehnder ComfoAir Q

Zehnder Group has a long history of providing systems for comfortable indoor ventilation. Energy-efficient with a high heat recovery rate for new builds and renovations of single family homes, apartment buildings and commercial buildings in the public and commercial sector.

Our air cleaning systems provide clean air in buildings with especially high dust levels.


Our products and systems are marketed under two international brands and several national brands.


In line with the European Energy directive Zehnder has set a number of 20% sustainability improvement objectives by 2020

Our history

We are a successful international group with strong family ties, and we are committed to creating energy-efficient solutions for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Our brands and locations worldwide

Our products and systems are marketed under two international brands and several national brands.

Our Zehnder brand is represented in some 20 countries worldwide. Zehnder offers products and solutions in the business areas of radiators and ventilation.

Where innovative technology is wedded to unique design. Runtal produces exclusive radiators, which combine a deep understanding of material and function with an unmistakable flair for design and interior design, adding the ultimate aesthetic touch to an individual living and working environment

Acova is one of the leading companies in France in the fields of central heating, electric radiators and bathroom radiators. Its primary target group is the mid-to-premium market segment of the residential construction sector (new builds and renovation projects). Focusing on its expertise in manufacturing customised radiators in innumerable colours, Acova's unique selling proposition is its ability to “produce a radiator that truly reflects your personality”.

Bisque was the first company to introduce designer radiators into the UK and the company’s philosophy and vision has remain unchanged – to offer beautiful yet practical radiators in the most exciting styles, colours and shapes. Bisque aims to enable residential property owners to choose their own radiators based on clear information and inspiring images. The company is passionately commited to design, quality and service.

Rittling has made a name for itself in the commercial sector for water-based heating and cooling products in North America. Charles Rittling began to manufacture air unit heaters for hot water heating systems in 1946. His success eventually led to finned tube and ribbed convectors, fan convectors, heat pumps and heating and cooling ceiling systems. Today, the company focuses on manufacturing and selling products and systems for a healthy indoor climate and efficient energy use.

Greenwood has been designing and manufacturing ventilation products for new builds and renovation projects in the social housing sector since 1879. Today, Greenwood offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios for energy-efficient, specific solutions in the field of mechanical and passive ventilation technology products. All products are designed in such a way that they provide outstanding performance in compliance with British building regulations on the one hand and a healthy and comfortable indoor climate on the other. 

Paul is a household name in the field of building ventilation offering maximum efficiency in terms of heat recovery. The company's innovative heat recovery systems and heat exchangers are protected by various patents and have received numerous awards including the German Innovation Prize. Paul is particularly renowned as a company with a wealth of experience in Passivhaus building. The broadly diversified portfolio focuses on new builds and renovation projects. 

dPoint Technologies is a rapidly growing “advanced materials” company developing, manufacturing and selling polymer membranes and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) exchangers that improve the energy efficiency, health, and comfort of buildings.  The dPoint ERV technology allows the recovery of heat and humidity from building ventilation systems while preventing the cross-over of gases and contaminants from exhaust air to the fresh air stream.  Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, dPoint has many of the leading global HVAC Manufacturers as customers.

New products

Zehnder Zmart

Zehnder Zmart Flex benefits from being lightweight and with flexible connection options. It is also aesthetically pleasing, durable and environmentally friendly. The flat fronted radiator is more than 60% lighter than conventional radiators and impresses with flexible connections, quick installation, easy handling and optimal environmental credentials. In addition, it is non-corrosive due to its polymer heating register. Its smooth surface gives it a timeless, modern look. Available in white.

Zehnder ComfoAir Q

Easy installation and commissioning, as well as professional support from planning through to maintenance: installing residential ventilation with heat recovery is easy with Zehnder’s overall system for comfortable indoor ventilation and the new, intelligent ComfoAir Q comfort ventilation units.