Dates and Events

In addition, the company provides information in case of important events and
developments (ad hoc announcements and media releases).


Zurich, Switzerland
28 February 2024

Annual Report 2023 and
Media/Analyst Conference 2024

Suhr, Switzerland
11 April 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024

Graenichen, Switzerland
26 July 2024

Six-month Report 2024

Past dates and events

Two businessmen are together analyzing the financial data graph and pointing to the laptop computer screen.
Graenichen, Switzerland
19 January 2024

Sales for 2023

man is speaking into a microphone, speach
Davos, Switzerland
Octavian Seminar Davos

11 January 2024

Graenichen, Switzerland
31 December 2023

End of business year 2023

Graenichen, Switzerland
28 July 2023

Six-month report 2023