Zehnder is synonymous with developing innovative indoor climate solutions worldwide. However, we are also committed to a safe and pleasant outdoor environment. After all, the best indoor climate can only be achieved in conjunction with a good outdoor climate. 'always the best climate' has become our maxim. We're dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment to ensure future generations can enjoy it as much as we do.

It is not just about the indoor and outdoor atmosphere – we want to create a good climate in every sense. We promote a good working atmosphere for and among our employees. This is because we can only forge lasting success through mutual respect, appreciation, honesty, and a motivating and meaningful working environment.

We create the best climate in buildings. Yet that is not enough for the future. 'always the best climate' for me means incorporating climate protection and sustainability into everything we do.

Dr Hans-Peter Zehnder, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Zehnder Group

Hans Peter Zehnder Portrait

We concentrate on focus areas

The following three key areas are of central importance to us and our stakeholders

Taking action when it comes to sustainability

At Zehnder, we aim to create the best indoor climate –
and do so in a way that also benefits the climate on our planet.

Sustainability strategy

Thinking from the inside out

We want to play our part in mitigating climate change with innovative solutions and a company-wide awareness of sustainability.

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always the best climate. for you and the planet.
Un Global Compact
UN Global Compact

United for a better world

Zehnder Group has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since March 2022, actively participating in various initiatives such as the UN Global Compact Climate Ambition Accelerator and UN Global Compact Gender Equality programmes.


Sustainable Development Goals

Our contribution to a common aim

We take responsibility by incorporating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into all our strategies and activities.

zehnder Sustainable Development Goals
Interview with our CEO

Where does Zehnder Group stand in terms of sustainability?

Responsibility for setting and achieving sustainability goals lies with the management and Board of Directors. This underlines the extent to which we prioritise such matters.

Matthias Huenerwadel, CEO of Zehnder Group

CEO Matthias Huenerwadel Zehnder

As an international specialist in energy-efficient indoor climate solutions, sustainability means three things. It means making efficient use of resources along the entire value chain, reducing emissions, and offering our customers environmentally friendly products for achieving the best indoor climate.

At the same time, we take an all-encompassing view of the terms 'climate' and 'sustainability'. Creating a good climate inside buildings while considering its impact on the outdoor climate is part of this. The other equally essential factor for us involves promoting a good working environment for and among our employees and playing our role in establishing a responsible social climate. It is important to us to be a sustainably attractive employer as well as a sustainably responsible corporate citizen.

In relation to the production of radiators, we are planning to gradually reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and substitute them in the long term. In regards to ventilation, we are taking a circular economy approach to break the link between growth and consumption of resources. The focus is on using recyclable materials in an efficient and climate-friendly manner to reduce waste and cut the use of fossil resources.  

Our task is to set clear goals for our activities, make them quantifiable and link them to specific measures. Becoming sustainable is not something we can do overnight, so we want to break these goals down and achieve them step-by-step. We're using the 2022 Sustainability Report as our starting point, which we produced based on the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards.

In the next step, we want to set science-based targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions. These targets provide a clearly defined path towards reducing emissions in line with the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. This is about systematically lowering our carbon footprint to gradually get closer to the goal of net zero.

Sustainability is a critical aspect of our corporate strategy. The fact that responsibility for setting and achieving sustainability goals lies with the management and the Board of Directors underlines the extent to which we prioritise this topic.

In our experience, the best results are always achieved as part of a team, and the biggest impact is made when customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders work together. That is why we remain engaged in dialogue with our stakeholders and customers and invite everyone to join us on our journey towards a healthy climate.

Zehnder Sustainability Report 2023
Information, facts and figures
In reference to the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)