Industrial Air Cleaning

Zehnder clean air solutions provide clean air for all kinds of businesses, leaving you with healthier employees, a sparkling reputation, increased productivity, and reduced cleaning costs.

Clean air pays off

Every business deserves clean air. From bottom-line benefits to the positive health impact for colleagues, clean air will transform your workplace.
Industrial air cleaning reduces the level of dust in the air, creates a healthier work environment, reduces the amount of cleaning required, and so much more.

A healthy and motivated team

Clean air is an investment in the health and motivation of your employees. The result: lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

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Satisfied customers

Clean air plays its part through more efficient day-to-day operations and clean products, that will please your customers.

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Lower cleaning costs

Industrial air cleaning prevents dust from becoming a problem in the first place. And less cleaning equals more profit.

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A sparkling corporate image

It takes years to build a good reputation. Industrial air cleaning ensures that the highest standards can continue to be met.

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Less maintenance

Dust in machines leads to maintenance or even downtime. Industrial air cleaning reduces this risk by 30%.


Staff retention

Skilled workers are valuable. Clean air creates a pleasant and healthy workplace showing genuine appreciation towards employees.

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A brief explanation of our filter concept

How exactly do our industrial air cleaners work? Take a closer look at the world of air purification.

Zehnder offers the complete air cleaning package you need

Our industrial air cleaners

No matter the kind of particles or type of industry, we'll make sure your air is like new.

CARA – the smart app for cleaner air

Stay in control with our all-in-one dashboard, real-time monitoring, and automatic adjustments to changing circumstances: smart air is the air of the future.

All-inclusive service, complete satisfaction

From changing filters to maintenance, we take care of your air.

Industrial air cleaning

Customers who already enjoy clean air

Clean air plays an important role in every workplace. No matter what industry, we provide them all with clean air.
The advantages? We'll let our customers tell you for us.

The staff feel that the air is noticeably better and more pleasant. Our cleaning requirements have also significantly decreased. We are so pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zehnder to others.

Frank Oelschläger, Founder and Managing Director, GILOG


Particles exist in the air of your workplace, created by movement, transport, and production processes. Most of these particles, including dust, smoke, fumes, and odours cause unnecessary cleaning and maintenance costs. The most toxic of these can seriously endanger the health of your employees in the long run, causing both absenteeism and a negative corporate image. Our air purifiers clean your air – meaning you don't have to worry about any of the above!

From logistics companies to the manufacturing industry, food production, public facilities, and many more, wherever dust and other particles are flying around in the air, that's where Zehnder comes in. 

Every environment is different so that's why we offer flexible installation options. For example, air purifiers can be installed on ceilings, walls, shelves or columns – and even placed on the floor.

The amount of energy Zehnder air cleaners use depends on the airflow setting, but it's about 25% of the electricity consumption of a conventional extraction system. By using our CARA app, you can save even more energy because it makes energy consumption smarter.

Clean air is within reach
Clean air as a success factor
Why is clean air worthwhile for every company? Here are the answers.