Objectives and challenges

Absolute cleanliness: a prerequisite for high-quality results

As the world’s leading supplier of surface coatings for components and tools, Oerlikon Balzer aims to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible and set new standards. An essential factor in the industry: flawless production conditions. They not only ensure the highest possible product quality, but also form the basis for a healthy working environment. However, due to increased dust formation during the treatment of the components (e.g. during microblasting or sandblasting), these were not a given. A solution to the dust problem was needed. This is where Zehnder Clean Air Solutions came into play.


Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG


Balters (LI) and Brügg (CH)


Surface treatment

Dust reduction

78 %


High-performance technology along the entire value chain

Based on previous particle measurements, the Zehnder team put together a customised solution concept for all areas, from incoming goods to production and outgoing goods. The results quickly became apparent: measurements showed an average of 78% less dust.

Zehnder air cleaners cover the entire value chain
Zehnder air cleaners cover the entire value chain
surface coating, surface coating, ceiling
Thanks to their flexible design, the air purifiers can be adapted to different dust problems.
We have always made sure that our working environments are exceptionally clean, and we never stop striving to improve in everything we do – it’s just part of our DNA. The industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder are paving the way for us in our quest to remain pioneers within our sector.

Andrea Hürlimann, Managing Director


High-quality products, a healthy working environment and a brilliant image

The significant reduction of the particle concentration has several advantages from a process perspective: On the one hand, it is accompanied by lower costs for quality assurance. Secondly, the machines involved are now exposed to far less particle-related wear, which results in lower maintenance requirements and investment costs.

surface coating, surface coating, ceiling
Clean air as a basic prerequisite for top quality

Another winner: the employees at Oerlikon Balzers. Because they benefit from healthier breathing air which results in higher productivity. And the icing on the cake: Customers are also amazed at the cleanliness of the Oerlikon Balzers production area when they visit.

This is how it works

Industrial air cleaners from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filter particles of all forms from the air. We offer everything from individual devices to complete solutions and intelligent air purification systems.

The benefits of clean air
  • A healthier team and less sick leave (up to -50 %)
  • Significant savings in cleaning costs (up to -70 %)
  • Less expenses for maintenance work (up to -30 %)
  • Increasingly satisfied customers thanks to cleaner products and short delivery times
  • Sustainability in the long term through durable machines, healthy employees and savings on energy costs
Industrial air cleaning – Because every business deserves clean air