Objectives and challenges

Fresh air in the idyllic village of Weisweil next to the Rhine

The Henninger-Dorer family has lived in a charming single-family home in the idyllic Rhine community of Weisweil since 2021. By moving to the countryside and into the heart of nature, they brought recreation to their own doorstep. To keep pollen, insects, and spores out of the house and still be able to breathe fresh country air, the couple opted for a centralised ventilation system from Zehnder. The Zehnder ComfoAir Q350 TR balanced ventilation unit ensures a healthy indoor climate throughout the house when the windows are closed and also impresses with its silent and draught-free operation. In addition, the ventilation unit's high-quality heat exchanger has a recovery rate of up to 93%, helping to reduce the Henninger-Dorers' heating bills.

Building type

New-build single-family home

Ventilation system

Centralised indoor ventilation
with heat recovery

Year of construction


Ventilation unit

Zehnder ComfoAir Q350 TR

Living space

150 m²

Air distribution system

Zehnder ComfoTube round tube &
Zehnder ComfoTube flat 51 flat oval tube


Comfortable and healthy indoor climate

Weisweil, an idyllic community surrounded by nature reserves and extensive woodland, is located between the Kaiserstuhl mountain range, the Black Forest, and the French border. This is the very place where the Henninger-Dorer family of five fulfilled their dream and built their own home in 2021. In order to ensure a pleasant climate in the 150 m2 of living space similar to that of the almost unspoilt natural surroundings, the owners opted for innovative and intelligent building services – comfortable indoor ventilation.

A mix of warm and cold elements, such as wooden floors on the one hand and a concrete staircase on the other, was chosen for the interior design of the solid construction house. Even before building began, it was clear that the new home should have a centralised balanced ventilation unit. This meant that the individual components of the air distribution system could be laid and installed during the construction phase without any significant additional work.

The two bathrooms are so-called extract air rooms, where the stale air is extracted by the ventilation unit via designer grilles and expelled outside. Zehnder Subway decorative radiators also provide pleasant warmth and pre-heated towels. The fresh and filtered air enters the supply air rooms silently and without any perceptible flow. It is therefore not necessary to open windows to achieve a healthy exchange of air.


Fresh air all day long

Thanks to the Zehnder balanced ventilation system, the Henninger-Dorer family benefits from a comfortable and healthy indoor climate around the clock, pollen and other pollutants are kept out by high-quality filters, and the heat recovery also keeps heating costs low.