Objectives and challenges

Impact & visual appeal desired

The aim was to create a healthy, comfortable indoor climate. A shop in which customers and employees feel equally at ease. Berger Schuhe & Sport opted for an open, urban style with lots of exposed concrete and technical features.

Year of construction



Warehousing, offices, and garage




Metal sails with aluminium-copper activation


Comfortable indoor climate

The sports specialist welcomes visitors to the new building with its bright, friendly, inviting, and ultra-modern style. Nothing was left to chance. Especially not the comfortable indoor climate with a focus on efficiency. Climate ceiling sails with copper-aluminium activation are used effectively to underline the design requirements.


Sail panels from sets of 2 or 3
Ventilation system with integrated outlet through the ceiling sail panel
Targeted use of climate sails in the communal areas
Active sail modules target where they are needed by exchanging radiation
Aesthetic and technical – combined rather than conflicting effects

Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels and Zehnder Nova decorative radiators were also used in other parts of the building.

The advantages of heating and cooling ceilings

Energy efficiency

Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels work on the principle of radiation and enable a radiation proportion of up to 89% – for greater energy efficiency and comfort.

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The radiant ceiling panels are precisely customised according to the modular principle. This means that different features and components, such as LED lights and ball guards, can be incorporated.

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Short reaction time

The particularly short reaction time of Zehnder radiant ceiling panels ensures that the desired heat is generated immediately.

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Easy to install

Thanks to their low weight, Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels can be assembled, fixed and installed in just a few days and with minimal time and labour.

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