Zehnder Expert Talk

Comfortable Indoor Ventilation & High Energy-Efficient new Buildings

Welcome to the Zehnder Expert Talk series. In this first episode, Rupert Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK, unveils the secrets of comfortable indoor ventilation and high energy efficiency in new construction. In a brief talk, we'll share key insights that can transform your approach to building design.

Learn why an holistic approach is crucial for energy-efficient new builds, addressing issues like moisture buildup and compromised air quality. Discover how mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and its role in maintaining fresh air while reducing heating bills.

When you build tight, you need to ventilate right.

Rupert Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK

Efficiency, as Rupert highlights, relies on pairing the right unit with the appropriate ductwork for the application. Explore the delicate balance for optimal performance and efficiency in energy-efficient indoor ventilation systems.

Insights unveiled in this Expert Talk episode

  1. Unified Approach: Why combine insulated construction and indoor ventilation for new builds?
  2. Energy Efficiency Boost: How does ventilation with heat recovery impact energy efficiency?
  3. Installer Challenges: What are the top 3 hurdles for optimal energy efficiency in ventilation installations?
  4. Key Design Approach: What's the secret to designing an energy-efficient ventilation system?
  5. Effective Communication: How can planners convey energy-saving benefits to clients? Main benefits identified

Discover these insightful questions answered in the talk — watch now!

In summary, this Expert Talk provides key takeaways about the benefits of comfortable indoor ventilation early in the design process — enhancing air quality, reducing energy bills, and highlighting why prioritising ventilation planning in new builds is a current necessity.

This was just a glimpse into a wealth of knowledge. Stay tuned for more engaging discussions in our Zehnder Expert Talk series and don't miss the next episode— follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date!