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The new Zehnder CO2 sensor based on the latest sensor technology assures optimal accuracy and ventilation control, packed into a well-designed and user-friendly high-end device.


With its 2 different functions, the new CO2 sensor from Zehnder meets all requirements: As an installer, you can opt for the controller mode, so the sensor controls and indicates the necessary air volume to the ventilation unit. Or you can select the sensor mode, whereas the ventilation unit automatically determines the optimal air flow based on the CO2 measurement from the sensor. Either way, no mistakes are possible as the sensor is easy to adjust with limited options – and may even run fully automatically, if desired. For easy handling.


The contemporary, discreet design of the new Zehnder CO2 sensor, the adjustable brightness of the LEDs, different available covers and mounting possibilities in standard switch gears, combined with an effortless, easy-to-understand interface ensure optimal customer satisfaction. For the best possible customer experience.


Easy to understand and to operate: the single button operation avoids confusion and allows to select automatic ventilation, as well as three increments of ventilation speeds on sensors that are in control mode. High CO2 warnings are only given in case that the CO2 level is too high while increased ventilation cannot reduce it quickly enough. For carefree operation.

Benefits for users

Lower operation costs

  • The new Zehnder CO2 sensor responds to the highest demand control ventilation standards according to the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) from the EU and ensures energy-efficient operation which leads to lower operation costs.

Increased well-being

  • With high indoor air quality through demand controlled ventilation

Contemporary design and adjustable

  • The contemporary, discreet design of the new Zehnder CO2 sensor fits to nearly all interiors
  • The adjustable brightness of the LEDs and different available covers makes customization possible

Benefits for Installers

Peace of mind

  • Less intrusive status and error messages: red LED only in cases when CO2 level is very high and the ventilation is at maximum speed
  • Runs fully automatically unless temporary manual operation is desired
  • Easy-to-find and easy-to-apply instructions

Easy handling and reliability

  • Single button operation only for effortless handling and maximum reliabilityr
  • Automatic reconnection in case of connection loss
  • Always the right default setting and adjustable as sensor-steering or as controller mode on-site

Easy and flexible mounting

  • Conceived for easy mounting and demounting
  • Mountable in-wall or on-wall
  • Fits to common switch gear frames
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