Objectives and challenges

Clean air – the cornerstone for innovation and employee protection in logistics

Always in pursuit of innovation. Since Bischof Lagerhaus AG was founded in 1975, this has always been the motto that expresses their attitude to their work. But one challenge troubled the company for a long time: dust. Because where goods are packed, stored, and picked, dust is produced in large quantities and then settles all too readily on machines, products, and in the lungs of the employees. Crucially, Otto Bischof recognised this early on. He sees clean, particle-free air as indispensable when it comes to ensuring product quality and the health of his employees. And as an absolute key to success in logistics. 


Bischof Lagerhaus AG


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Food logistics

Dust reduction

Up to 90%


High dust exposure? That's history

Since the first installation in 2016, Bischof Lagerhaus AG has had other halls equipped with Zehnder air purifiers. The ten devices that are now in use have reduced dust pollution by an incredible 90%.

Luftreinigungssysteme in den Lagerhallen bei Bischof
Air purification systems in Bischof's warehouses
clean air solution in einer lagerhalle 4 männer schauen nach oben
90 % less dust = happy employees AND customers.

Clean air protects machinery and equipment – especially in the deep-freeze sector

But that's not all: thanks to Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the company's machines are virtually maintenance-free. This applies to forklifts, conveyor belts, and conveyor systems as well as specialist cooling systems. The latter in particular only very rarely need to be cleaned at great expense. Customers are also impressed by the clean halls; cleanliness has become a real competitive advantage for Bischof Lagerhaus AG – in every aspect. 

Saubere Luft schützt Maschinen und Anlagen – insbesondere im Tiefkühlbereich.
Clean air protects machinery and equipment – especially in the freezer sector
It was immediately clear to us that we could accomplish almost zero dust with these air purification systems. Today, we are preventing 90% of all dust and enjoy the many additional benefits of clean air. Our employees in particular are very satisfied. They say: you can feel the difference!

Otto Bischof – Founder and Managing Director


Clean air pays off

Reduced costs, less cleaning effort and healthier employees – all of this is what the air cleaning systems from Zehnder have benefitted Bischof Lagerhaus AG. Because clean air pays off on several levels. And today? Today, the staff can breathe easy, the goods remain dust-free, and the service life of the machines extends at the same time.

And that's not all: as an innovative company, Bischof continuously optimises the storage structure of their own halls. What does this mean for our air cleaners? Our service team then simply adapts their position to the new conditions. Because we support the further development of our customers wherever possible. 

Flexible Luftreinigungslösungen, die jedes Staubproblem lösen.
Flexible air purification solutions that solve any dust problem

This is how it works

Industrial air cleaners from Zehnder Clean Air Solutions filter particles of all forms from the air. We offer everything from individual devices to complete solutions and intelligent air purification systems. 

The benefits of clean air:  
  • A healthier team and less sick leave (up to -50%) 

  • Significant savings in cleaning costs (up to -70%) 

  • Less expenses for maintenance work (up to -30%) 

  • Increasingly satisfied customers thanks to cleaner products and short delivery times 

  • Sustainability in the long term through durable machines, healthy employees, and savings on energy costs 


We provide a healthy indoor climate so our customers can enjoy their life to the fullest.