Our rules of conduct

The focus is on acting responsibly

The Zehnder Code of Conduct is the compass that guides our business activities. With its guidelines and instructions, the Code of Conduct sets out our common understanding in a binding manner and shows us how we should act in the course of our day-to-day work. In addition, Zehnder Group has legal and compliance guidelines that define responsibilities, obligations, and processes and ensure that they are monitored. Important aspects in this area include acting with integrity and in an ethical and legally compliant manner, avoiding conflicts of interest, insider trading and corruption, and protecting corporate values and competition.

We hold regular training courses to help all employees embrace our rules of conduct in their day-to-day work. This knowledge will be further enhanced in the future by e-learning programmes on our Code of Conduct. In terms of our internal communication, internal audits and the onboarding processes for new employees, we make sure that the company-wide principles of conduct are communicated.

two men and one women controling the zehnder supplier code of conduct
zehnder legal compliance paper gets signed
zehnder employees getting training about compliance
Anonymous reporting system for violations

A direct line to us

If our business partners, customers, employees or third parties have noticed any irregularities or violations of our guidelines, they can report this improper conduct directly to us online via our Integrity Line  whistle-blower system. We will investigate all concerns and incidents and take appropriate action.

It is important for the witnesses that the information can be given anonymously. We are committed to exercising discretion and treating the information as confidentially as possible, thereby making sure we protect employees who report potential improper conduct.


Raising awareness among employees

We have started to develop our own e-learning programmes in order to be able to provide even more targeted training on individual compliance matters and the Code of Conduct. Firstly, we will roll out a general module for all employees that covers all aspects of the Code of Conduct. Building on this, there will be one target group-specific module per year that deals with a specific focus area in greater depth.

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